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Re: Jobs In Dubai - Jobs & Resume Search Jan 09, 2012
today bayt was down.. anyone else experienced this?

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Re: Jobs In Dubai - Jobs & Resume Search Jan 23, 2012
hi im greg looking for cabling jobs in dubai or highways infrastructure maintenance jobs. i also have a working visa for 2 years, please help !
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Re: Jobs In Dubai - Jobs & Resume Search Jan 26, 2012

Iam looking for SEO job in dubai. am in 2 months vist visa please help to fina job...
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Re: May 05, 2013
Very few websites here post real Jobs. The one which give you a contact or sending resume for FREE might give you a hit because Job posters also try to find FREE sites. I found one for Jobs in Dubai especially

andrewd wrote:I am also a register member of Jobs in Dubai Inc. and after reading all of your guyz comments, I thought to give them a call and talk to them. So two weeks back I did personally called at the head office of Jobs in Dubai which is in Canada, Mississauga near to some famous city called Toronto. I talk to one of the Account Manager….can not remember the Name for now but any ways after a long discussion on the phone, I got to know, how their process works. First I was thinking the amount which is had paid is for a particular position which I applied for almost 3 weeks ago. But that wasn’t a case. The fee is for to become a register member with them. They have created my online profile and that what account manager told me, that my profile is available to the employers who currently recruiting for Dubai. Now if employer will like my profile or my resume, he will contact me directly. I think, there will be a lot of candidates who are applying for one position. So I guess it’s all our luck and we have to be little patients about finding a job in Dubai. Hey!! No worries!!! What so ever it is, if I will not get a job, till next six months, I can always apply for a refund and I will get my money back!!!!…..again guys its all your own luck. And I guess we should stop blaming the other companies. Companies out there can not do a fake business, especially country like Canada or Dubai….

--- May 05, 2013 ---

IF you are looking for Finance Jobs Look

If you are looking for IT Jobs, Find here
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Re: Jobs In Dubai - Jobs & Resume Search May 06, 2013
Evan i have come across with this link which allows me to create my own profile, i found it bit more relevant than other features.
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