10 Million Income. Company Shares.

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10 Million income. Company shares. May 07, 2014

I am an owner of Company FXI TECHNOLOGIES GROUP LTD ( TENERIFE LIMITED ) Operated in Cyprus.
Company works since 2009. Minimum income 10 Million yearly.

We operate in currency trading industry. Most profitable business out there since there are 5 million searches monthly in google.
Our employees are most professional market analysts and traders. We have contracts signed with them for 5 years.
We offer to buy 25% shares. 50% shares or full package of shares, that comes with full access to operate the company ( you are the only owner ), official bank accounts, offices, employees, pro website.
We are operating several company's. One of our Company's are Broker partner company that provides http://www.xm.com ( Trading point limited ) with currency analysis, as well we are designing Bank trading algorithms for private sector banks. Our yearly income are 90 Million Euro. We are really huge in what we do.
As we are expanding our business we want to invite investors to participate or buy full package of shares. Everything comes with 5 years warranty.
NOTE - this opportunity will be available only until 30th of June. After June 30th doors for business partners will be closed!
Contact the owner ( Igor Zujev ) +37128321264 or write to company@fatfox-investment.com Visit site http://www.fatfox-investment.com
We look forward to do business.

--- May 09, 2014 ---

One new business partner found. Owning 25% shares now! 2 places left and opportunity closes.

P.S - scammers and fake loan providers - piss off! We are not interested in loans, so save yourself time and don't write to us if you are not serious investor, businessman, we are not dealing with such people.


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Re: 10 Million Income. Company Shares. May 12, 2014
Tried to contact you, but no answer. Would love to buy 50% shares pack. Please check your mail.
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Re: 10 Million Income. Company Shares. May 13, 2014
Rasta2 ,

I'd like to quickly introduce myself and my company, Blue Water Mining.

My name is Sherrod Harris, I am the Investor Relations Manager over here at Blue Water Mining. Blue Water Mining is an underwater-mining company with leases off the coast of Nome, Alaska, using state-of-the-art dredging vessels in order to recover gold. In 2011, the state of Alaska held an auction to sell 24,000 acres of state-owned offshore mineral leases in order for various entities (commercial and individuals) to mine for gold. Our CEO, Jon Byer, an ex-Naval Flight Deck Supervisor, Broker for A.G. Edwards, and owner/operator of Dynasty Drilling Company, saw the opportunity to stake claim on a "gold mine." Yes, pun intended. While 300 plus companies/individuals were in attendance, only 30 were able to claim the leases. We were one of those 30. The others consisted of AngloGold Ashanti, De Beers, Shoreline Resources and Solomon Gold; these companies combine for a worth upwards of $60 Billion.

We have two dredges up in Alaska as of now processing 1 to 2 ounces per hour and with over 10 million ounces recoverable, the potential recovery is in the billions. We are a company based out of Austin, Texas where we control our off-season operations. As of now, we are building our largest vessel which will be able to mine upwards of 100 ounces a day in order to compete with the billion dollar companies who do not plan to arrive in Alaska until 2016. With the ability to take a massive head start, we are in a position to create an opportunity for people in your position that the larger companies are not able to. We have a lot more in the works coming for this mining season starting in July, and an awesome, transparent concept portfolio. We appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sherrod Harris
Investor Relations Manager
[url=tel:%28512%29%20203-4917](512) 203-4917[/url]
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undefined May 21, 2014
Hello. Do you still sell your Company shares? I write you an e-mail but no response. Would love to go to Face to Face meting and discuss it. Please get back to me.
I caled Igor Zujev as well by phone, but no response.

Mich Zurich Germany.
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