Employment Visa Takes Too Long To Process This Ramadan 2015?

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Employment Visa takes too long to process this Ramadan 2015? Jun 28, 2015
Hi guys I'm Det currently based here in Dubai with Tourist Visa. I got my job offer from DAMAC Properties Company in Media City and I submitted my papers for visa processing last May 28, 2015. But UNTIL NOW processing is not finish. So Damac told me I need to exit again for another tourist visa because my visa processing is not yet finish. They said processing is slow down. Is it really like this during Ramadan??Visa processing is taking so long to process?? :?:

Now I have no choice but to re-exit again then get a new tourist visa (1month). But the problem I'm wondering is if I get my new tourist visa then my employment visa processing will be started again because I need to submit a copy of my new tourist visa to Damac then they are going to pass it AGAIN to government for processing. :( :( :(

Guys do you have any info about these? Or is anyone out there facing problems like me?

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Re: Employment Visa Takes Too Long To Process This Ramadan 2 Jul 19, 2015
I think your company is lying at you and didn't even apply for your visa until they see if you're a employee worth the money they will spend on.

tell me your nationality and contact me on asma.abidi@bestidea-bms.com i'll help you
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