Visa Rejected Because I Overstayed On Long Term Visit Visa

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Visa Rejected because i overstayed on Long Term Visit Visa Oct 11, 2015
Hello Friends

I just got a call from my HR today and said that my work visa got rejected because there is a visa under my passport. I just overstayed 2 days in hoping i could get my employment visa and pay the fine. But it seems its due to my long term visit visa sponsored by my father. So i was wondering if somebody could clarify this issue i am facing. Because of this i am travelling back to India next day hoping when they apply for my employment visa they will not face any issues because of this.Thanks in advance.

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Re: Visa Rejected Because I Overstayed On Long Term Visit Vi May 09, 2016
Hello Mr.Nestlejoseph,

How are you , what is your status now. have you come back or still back in India. If your problem still persist please do contact us.

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