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Employment visa Mar 26, 2013
I came here on emp visa about 2 weeks ago. From day one, the owner's attitude with his employees is inapproprite. He uses abusive and vulgur language in office. I am not given the emplyment contract as yet and therefore it is not signed by me. Neither the medical has been done yet. Yesterday when I complained about his attitude, he asked me to leave his office and to leave my passport and original visa (paper visa that I got at airport pon arrival) with accounts guy (so called PRO).

I did the same thing because I knew he needs it for cancellation. Today he started threatening me over phone to lodge an absconding case against me if i dont go to his office and pay him for the visa expenses so far. I told him I am not at fault and it was his attitude that I complained about and after all he himself asked me to leave the office.

He said using abusive language (mother , sister f***er) is his style and I should not have taken it seriously and kept working.

At least I cannot work with a person like this. He keeps shouting on everyone. This is a small office, even smaller than intercity buses plying on the roads of Dubai with just 5-6 people in office.

Now you guys tell me what should I do. I dont want to continue with this guy in any case and I dont even care if he compensates for the expenses I incurred or for the number of days (7-8 days) I worked for him. But at the same time I dont want to overburden myself with the seemingly big amount of few thousands of AEDs, which I dont even have right now. This guy has no consideration at all! Instead of compensating me or at least letting me go easily, he is complicating it.

An existing employee told me a similar case happened in past and they already got warning from Ministry of labor.


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Re: Employment Visa Mar 26, 2013
please i dont know much of this but since you have not done your medical,it means you are working illegally if by a period of one month or two ,you fail to do medical,you will be be touble ,you cannot make visa cancellation since you dont have labour card,i think you ve to be patient and allow everythg to settle first and if he continue why you ve done your medical ,having your residence and labour card,you can file a conplain to labour department of his attitude. But friend how do manage to get the employmeny visa?just help me with the info and assitance please cos my company disappoint me visa after given an offer letter and i am looking for another source to get work visa as you did .i am close to dubai.
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