My Old Friend Demo : A Dialog.

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My old friend Demo : A dialog. Oct 07, 2009
Democracy : Hey! how are ya?

Dude : Doing great thanks to you. So still on that old ''majority'' shit huh? :P

Democracy: hehe Anything above 50% would do, fair enough right?

Dude : Of course! that's universal! Btw Demo, have yo heard the rumors? People compare you to NATO (No Action,Talk Only)?

Demo : Haters!, I believe that old cripple commi (Communism) is behind all of this. He ain't got shit on me, you know! If you are against me You fall into the minority which disqualifies you from having your say on things, whether you like it or not. Hope you are not one of them :p..

Dude : I don't know man........


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