Destroy Your Friend's Buddha - Pat Robertson

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Destroy your Friend's Buddha - Pat Robertson May 18, 2012
Extremist US Christian preacher advocates destroying buddhas.. it's a good thing that we don't have Christianophobes posting here, otherwise we'd have posts saying 'Look how evil Christians are.. etc' instead of just :roll: at the extremist fringe who don't represent the majority of Christians:

Pat Robertson Says the Christian Thing to do is, “Destroy Your Friend’s Buddha Statue”

Everyone knows the Taliban are just the Afghan version of the Pat Robertson’s of the world, right?Pat Robertson was asked on air by a concerned Christian named “Jenny” about a moral quandary she had relating to her roommate’s “Buddha statue.”

Jenny: My friend who is a Christian has a Buddha statue next to her Christian ones. Is this ok?

Pat Robertson, who always speaks Biblically gave a pretty unequivocal answer, “Destroy it.”
Pat Robertson: No its not. Take it away and break it. Break it! Destroy it. ... ha-statue/


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Re: Destroy Your Friend's Buddha - Pat Robertson May 19, 2012
Lin Chi says "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him."
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