Unmarried In Dubai??

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unmarried in dubai?? Oct 06, 2005
Is living in Dubai unmarried likely to cause problems for us or is it a case that authorities turn a blind eye?

If we appear `married`, how will people find out otherwise??!!

Does anyone know of anyone who has been caught cohabiting by the authorities? if so what was the outcome?

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Oct 06, 2005
We really should make this s-t-i-c-k-y ??

In Dubai it is technically illegal for a man and woman to live together if they are not married. If three people are sharing a flat and one of them is a woman then the law is being broken.

In general, this law is used to 'sort out' a situation where another law doesn't provide sufficient punishment. So if you play screaming loud house music at 3am in the morning the police will use this (being unmarried) as an excuse to deport you.

Wear wedding rings.

Tell everybody you're married (except employers obviously) - don't run around saying how 'clever' you are.

Think about getting an additional credit card in her name (for example). You can probably do this without ID. Her name being "Mrs XXX Yourname"

If you can afford it, rent a second place as a dive somewhere else - in case you have to 'prove' you're not technically living together?

Don't worry too much if you're sensible.

Choose where you're going to live reasonably carefully.

.... and think about proposing! If you're ready enough to come to Dubai and live together unmarried then you've probably got a fairly strong relationship?!

By the way - I presume neither of you are Muslim? (You shouldn't be ifyou want to cohabit!)

I've heard of people caught by the authorities for drunk-driving, cocaine abuse etc. People can get caught. It can happen to you.

HTH - Stuart
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