Retrieving Certificate From Previous Company

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Retrieving Certificate from Previous Company Jan 06, 2016
Hi. I just wanna ask some advice, its regarding my University Certificate. My previous company is holding my certificate in which I need to submit to supposedly new company, but because of that I wasn't able to submit the necessary requirement, I lost that job. I had an issue before with my previous company which I think the reason why their holding my certificate. Its a group of companies, my visa in which is under in one of the group was cancelled because of not renewing the trade license. I finished 1 year in that visa for a 2 year contract, the remaining year they decided to transfer it to another group which is in fujeirah (freezone). That time their processing my cancellation I was bound for my annual leave. They cancelled the visa a week before my flight, and they told me they will send to me the visa. Before they cancelled my visa I spoke to the Director that I will be needing my original new contract for our consulate to approve my OEC (so called Exit Pass) and he agreed and he said no issues they will send it with the visa. So I went for vacation (annual leave) for a month, they sent my new visa to my mail, without the contract. When I asked for the contract they sent me a contract with handwritten and without the stamp of mol. Our consulate need verified contract for them to issue an exit pass. I spoke to our Admin. And he said they need to pay 5k aed for the Contract because they put Administrator for my position, and they want me to pay for it. They didn't agree for 50-50 percent payment, I also asked for salary deduction and less the annual leave. Annual leave salary will be given only once you come back. Still they didn't agree, the admin. Said the director said the director will not spent any penny. Coz they already spent for my leave ticket cancellation of old visa and the new visa. That's why they want me to pay the 5k aed. After a week of convincing them, still they insist that I should shoulder the expense. The new visa expire after 2 months (April 2015) last October I came back to Dubai from that time till now I been asking for my certificate, admin. Said director said to hold it for sometime. What should I do? Any advice you can give, why their holding my certificate what happened is not my fault. Can I file a complain against them even if its more than 6 months. Please advice me of what should I do. Thank you.

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