Loan Repayment In Dubai.

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Loan Repayment In Dubai. Mar 04, 2016
I am here in Dubai in my husbands Visa. I am Even working here in Dubai in his visa with a work permit from the company. I took loan from a bank over here in Dubai.Unluckily My Husband lost his job also ,So naturally even my visa is also cancelled. Now I have to leave the country also with my husband cause we tried for another job and he didn't get so we have to leave. The bank have cut 10 dirhams every month from my salary as (JOB LOSS INSURENCE).So I want to know how can I pay the money in the bank by going in India.I will pay the money how I was paying the money before that's sure but is there any problem for me in airport or for going in india.Please inform me if you know as soon as possible.

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Re: Loan Repayment In Dubai. Jun 09, 2016
What is the total are you going to pay
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Re: Loan Repayment In Dubai. Jul 22, 2017
Hello RackyHd ,

Hope your case is solved!

If not do contact me.
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