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Volunteering - first life experiences Aug 04, 2020
My children applied for volunteering at some event and they had their interviews online.

Organizers asked them questions such as: what would you do if somebody cuts the waiting line and wants to be served first.....

And children gave some polite answers that include patience, kindness, manners and blah blah...

I laughed at them and told them my funny story;
For National Day I saw a huge tent and noticed that inside locals had activities for children and adults respectively and I wanted to see what's going on. When I approached they asked me to volunteer which I accepted happily.

One woman took me to some storage entrance and told me not to let ANYONE enter the storage until she comes back. So I was all important, standing there and guarding the door.

But then the policeman came. He was on duty there in his uniform and he wanted to enter the storage. But I stood on the door and didn't let him.
He looked at me in disbelieve. He asked people around who am I and what I am doing there and they told him that I am a volunteer. He tried again to ask me to move, but I was there thinking; only over my dead body :lol:
I waited until woman came and I could give amanah back to her decision. :mrgreen:

My children laughed at my story.

Still I think that it is not my fault that the lady didn't tell me "anyone except police" or "anyone except...." But she didn't give me any exception.
And amanah is amanah. What can I do.

But it happened at some sports event where I volunteered few days that I have been told not to let anyone go before their number is called. But then those who gave me that order made whoever they wanted to go first. Their ordering one thing and doing another made me look as harsh and unkind person, and them as understandable people. I hate double standards.
If something is a rule then it is a rule for all. If exceptions can be made then I want to judge by myself, with all my empathy abilities, who is to go first and who can wait.

But that's life. People are different. Thinkings are different, opportunities are different and ways of carrying amanah are different. Some people know when to be flexible and some are stubborn.

I miss volunteering. For long time I didn't do anything of that kind. Except teaching others online little things that I know. Like Arabic letters and words etc.

My first volunteering was at age of 13. With my family and neighbors I ended up in a Concentration Camp for civilians during the war in my country. Five women were needed to the kitchen to make breads for the entire Camp (30 breads on 150 people).
And the bravest five went to do it. But they were afraid to move between the kitchen-house and the school we were in. Then I came front and took that job.
Every day I went out and brought sliced bread to the school that served as a camp to us.

And what women were afraid of, happened to me; soldiers strangers (not camp guards) stopped me and asked of my age and if I am afraid of them. I looked at them and lied that I am not afraid. They let me go. I heard one saying to others: "I told you so".

Since then I am really not afraid of anyone. I know that Allah is protecting me.
Allah is Al Waliyy, The Protector. :love2: :love10:

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