The Man Gave Me Money To Change All Tires :O

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The man gave me money to change all tires :O 21 days ago
Today I went out with my daughter, we wanted to buy grocery before our guest arrive.
But we got a flat tire. So I stopped and went around the car to check what can be done. And it couldn't be anything done, it was completely flat. I was just thinking about what to do now...when a car pulled next to my car. The Arab man asked if I need a help. I said that my tire broke, and that I don't know what to do. He asked if I need air and I confirmed. Then he went back to his trunk and brought air pump and in a minute my tire was up. He said that I have to change it completely. Then looked other tires and said that all tires are in bad shape. I shall replace all. I said that I will replace only one for now at the petrol station, where I used to change before when my other tire exploded into peaces.
Well, I thanked the kind man, and he went, and we followed after. On the way we saw him again, as he was going in the same direction and he waved to stop. I was afraid that he saw our tire flat again and I stopped so he can put more air. But he wanted to give me a number of the service specialized for tires. He said to go there and replace all as the place is good and cheap. I thanked and insisted that I will go and change only one for now. Then he suddenly said to me: maybe you don't have money to change all!
I said to the man that I have money indeed, but I need it (for my guests) and now I am going to change only one. But the man took money out of his pocket and gave me to change all tires.
Obviously all tires were in a very bad shape. Honestly I didn't change them in last three years, since my children started their University.
I was so ashamed to take it, but he said sister we are here to help each other, just take it and go change all tires. And I took it!!!!!! I took the money from complete stranger - brother and asked for his name, but he didn't say, so I just pray for him and Allah know who he is.
All the way to the Lezof Service I was in urge to cry, but I didn't do. I was strong and just said prayers for that brother and talked with my daughter about that strange happening.
In the morning we were just heading to buy grocery and now we are kilometers far to change all tires. I wrote to my Australian friend on WhatsApp about what happened and my friend praised man too and we invented some special wishes for him and prayed to God that He fulfills them.

My feelings are now mixed. How could I take money for stranger, even if he is a brother. But on the other side how could I risk that my tire break again and goes flat, for example when I go to pick up my family from Abu Dhabi Airport at night. So I took it and it was so easy to take money, I didn't even feel guilty. Never in my 15 years, since in UAE I didn't take money from any stranger. I did borrow from my friends, and I did take gifts from my friends for my children, to buy them something, and I returned to my friends gifts in money also for their kids etc. But from stranger... He just appeared there when tire broke, and I asked him from where you came now at this moment, I was surprised, subhanallah. And he said from fishing. Early morning he went fishing and going back home at late morning. He even asked if I want fresh fish, and I refused as I don't know how to clean it and cook it.
I only buy fish fillets at supermarket, boneless, skinless and clean.
In my country, from the all seafood, we eat only the sheep when it falls into the sea and we take it out :D

May Allah reward this man, and keep him safe and help him whenever he needs help and improve anything that needs to be improved in his life, amin. Even before local people helped me to pull my car from the sand at the beach...but this was beyond any expectations and I am just amazed.
Maybe later I will cry, as always anything good that happens makes me cry. I don't have good protection mechanism for kindness and generosity towards me. I always cry afterwards.
My protection mechanism are only well toward harsh happenings. Then I fight, swear or shout and then I feel better. But good happenings breaks me from inside out and shake my world and find me unprepared always.
May Allah reward all good people. They are gems of this world. May they be the stars of the Hereafter.
<3 <3 <3

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