Best Basmati Rice In Dubai, UAE.

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Best Basmati Rice in Dubai, UAE. Nov 10, 2020
Hi Everyone,

This is a bit new for me and a bit new for an Emirati to be posting on non-Arabic forums. However, I just wanted to share my views on what I think is the best Basmati rice for the family.

I'm gonna start off by saying as a housewife, Cooking for me has become more than just a task I actually enjoy cooking. I put it way too much focus on the products I use as well as they eventually determine the quality of the outcome.

For some time now I have been trying different brands of Basmati rice which I would rather not mention as this is just my point of view. Anyway, I came across a brand called Gautam 1121 Basmati Rice and I have to say it has been a different experience from any other brand I have used. They claim to have the longest rice in the world and honestly, it felt like it. The texture and the smell work really well with the biryani seasoning I used.

I personally think what makes the perfect basmati is how it takes in the flavors and that for me is judged on how fluffy the rice gets.

Anyway, I would like your take on this, Do you think Gautam 1121 Basmati Rice is as good as I
think it is?

The product is on and as well if you want to try it.


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