UAE Resident VISA Fraud..

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UAE resident VISA fraud.. Aug 04, 2012
Do not trust people who offer to sell you a visa, most likely they will take your money and disappear, check my story, created short movie:

Was searching to buy UAE "Resident Visa" on dubizzle website and found one. Called that number and a lady answered, her name was JOAN ZAFAR. She said that she could sell VISA for 11.000 DHS, would employ me as sales person in her company. After few days I decided to go for that and arranged meeting with her. She asked for money upfront and few photos, so she could start VISA process. I gave 8000DHS saying that rest will be given after VISA is complete. She took money and said will give me a call in a week. She gave me receipt from "DINARA UAE" company, checked their website -- looked ok. No call after a week, no answers either. Called back after 2 weeks saying it will take some more time. After that I did not hear a word from her, it has been 3 months now.
Went to the same website , took landline numbers and tried calling them. Phones were no longer in use.. Then I went to the office which was written on business card -- company abandoned premises couple months ago.
I have receipt, her photo, old business card, phone number.

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Re: UAE Resident VISA Fraud.. Aug 09, 2012
Why not report this to the police??
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Re: UAE Resident VISA Fraud.. Aug 30, 2013
Dear Sir/Madame,

Either the person is a fraud or the company was shut down due to the abuse of selling work/residence visas. If the second scenario is the issue, then the person has been forced into the closure of her business with a probable heavy fine. People in that situation tend to run away from their problems regardless of their business obligations.


We can help you with your situation. We handle all issues and treat each case with care. All our work is done through LEGAL means. We cater to:

- Individual issues (blacklist, visa etc).
- Company issues (Special licenses, Sponsorship etc).
- Other Business related work.

Kindly send your inquiry or issue to . Please also provide a brief summary if required.

Do not be shy or nervous to explain your situation as we have dealt with many cases. Your inquiries and issues will be discussed in a private manner with full confidentiality.

Important Note:

- Please avoid individuals who say they can do blacklist removals and special business licensing through illegal means. These people are FRAUDulent individuals.

Everything can be done in the UAE if you follow the legal procedures.

- We do not charge for our advice but we DO charge for our service.

- You MUST have the funds for our service and be WILLING to pay for the services we provide.

- Our pricing varies by each case.

Best Regards,

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Re: UAE Resident VISA Fraud.. Feb 13, 2014
After i read your post i am be careful. Thank you for share this information.
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Re: UAE Resident VISA Fraud.. Feb 14, 2014
people are very wicked nowadays!! you should be very carefull with whoever you entrust your money or business to
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undefined Sep 08, 2014
Uaehelp ,

Please advise if what s the right source to get rid of life ban as one of my friend was life banned because his old company closed due to certain reason and his sponser dint cancel his visa.he waited for three months and started working in another company and labor department caught him and he remained in prison for 45 days and was deported after that.

Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated

--- Sep 08, 2014 ---

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Re: UAE Resident VISA Fraud.. Sep 17, 2014
Please do not purchase visas. UAE laws do not allow the sale of employment / residence visas. Also, this is method can easily be abused through absconding cases and visa cancellation prior to the expiry of the visa. This has happened in some cases. Furthermore, you are not allowed to work for an employer other than the one who gave you the visa, so the purchased visa is basically useless. You cannot work and if you do get a job elsewhere, you risk being arrested and your employer risks high fines.

If you want to come to UAE, then the correct thing to do is to get a visit / tourist visa, come to UAE and look for a job. You can easily get a visit / tourist visa from travel agencies or airlines. you can find ads on and in newspapers like Kabayan. If you get a job while in UAE on visit, ensure that your work visa is processed while your visit visa is still valid. Never overstay on your visa as you will incur fines of 100 Dirhams per day. If an employer promises to make a visa for you but the visa is being delayed, do not remain in the country beyond the validity of your visit visa. Instead, tell the employer you must go back to your country before your visa expires and that the employer should email you your work visa once it is ready. Then, fly out of the country at the end of your visit visa even if your employer tells you that your visa will be ready in a day or two. This way you protect yourself from incurring high fines. Many people have been stuck in the country after being promised that their visa will be ready in one or two days and they kept waiting and waiting until the fines were too high to pay off.

If you don't get a job offer during your time in UAE, do not be upset and do not resort to purchasing residence visas because of the risks involved. instead, go back to your country and plan another trip to UAE after some time. Use your money to get another visit visa, flight ticket, and accomodation and give it another try. With time, you will find a job, get a visa through legal means, and protect yourself from fraud.

If you are a victim of fraud, do not be afraid to complain to the labor department or other authorized department.
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undefined Jan 15, 2015
why I am black list for Dubai VISA? NAJMUDDIN S/O SHUMSUDDIN I couldn't get Dubai VISA and I don't know the real issue. can you help me in this regard
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Re: UAE Resident VISA Fraud.. Jan 20, 2015
Feel free to contact at "" or call us at 055 66 99 035.
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Re: UAE Resident VISA Fraud.. Jan 20, 2015
Hi Friends ,

As we are seen so much fraud are happen for Dubai VISA , Dubai Job VISA.

Friends, I would suggest you all. Don't waste your money on Fraud travel agents. Contact Yellowpages Travel agent. Because they are trusted by Etisalat Yellowpages. Follow the below link and contact travel agents.

Hope this will help you alot.

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undefined Mar 12, 2015
Hi all
I had bought my visa before. And my ex sponsor doesn't ask for money until I saw the work permit; that time I had guaranteed it's real
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