Reliable Travel Agency Located Near Fish R/A, Deira

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Reliable Travel Agency located near Fish R/A, Deira Aug 17, 2006
When it comes to Visit Visa and Ticket Booking they are unreliable.

Last July 29, I asked them for a visit visa and an airline booking for my friend. Paid for everything and walla the results are:

It took them 2 weeks and 3 days (Promise is 1 week) before visit visa was given to me.

In the visa provided: Name of my friend is incorrectly spelled.

Ticket provided: 14 of August (14/08 As I have requested. But the dumb agency e didnt informed me that the booking wasnt confirmed!!! I sent eticket to my friend and when she went to airport ,we were so surprise to learn that she is a chance passenger ! Alham Dulila someone didnt show up and she reached Dubai in the same day.)

They cant do anything rightttttt!!!! Stay away from this creeps! :evil:

Of course I gave them a slap for all these sh!t..... :wink:

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