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Recruitment company - Jobs in Dubai Jul 17, 2008
I registered with the Canadian company called Jobs in Dubai in March of 2007 and paid $92 Canadian dollars for the privilege. The website said that if I did not receive any job offers within 6 months I would be entitiled to a full refund of the $92. In October 2007 after waiting 7 Months, I had no job offers and I applied for the refund. It is now 9 months since the refund application and I have had nothing but excuses. Is this company a scam or am I the only one having this difficulty?

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Jul 28, 2008
Of course it is a scam. Well, sort of. First of all, it is illegal in the UAE to take money from applicants. Second, how would a Canadian company with no office in the UAE find jobs for you in Dubai?? All they do, they place your CV on the website, and then take money from hapless companies in the UAE to browse through the CVs.
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Re: Recruitment company - Jobs in Dubai Aug 27, 2008
dynacam wrote:or am I the only one having this difficulty?

There are many similar stories. Here's some jobs in Dubai information, and a few Dubai job agencies worth trying.
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Nov 01, 2008
bonk is great,give so much information
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Mar 09, 2009
Yea that site sucks. I registered with them but I didn't pay the money. They kept bloody scamming me although it said in the beginning that the membership was free. It was obviously rubbish and I just added them to my spam list and forgot about it.
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solution to get your refund Sep 01, 2009
Of course it's a scam.

With a head office in Canada, ... make a complaint to the BBB (better business bureau) they have a Mississauga branch where the jobsindubai office is located. Seems most people who have complained to the BBB have received their refunds as the complaints have been listed as "resolved."
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Sep 13, 2009
well as i hav submited my cv online of some of the dubai job recruiters. And all of them were free.About 3 weeks back i got a call from a consultiin firm named Core Elements they are based in dubai in crown plaza sheik zaheed road. they called me up and informed me to come for a interview since thr was a opening in one of thier clients. they interviewed me said they will contact me once the client had fixed a date for the interview wit them and also aksed me to pay 150 Dhs for some registeration. after one week they mailed me sayin im not shortlisted.

Did any one go thru a similar situation
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Sep 14, 2009
core elements is a scam, you can kiss your money good bye.

they steal people's money usually 100 or 150 for "admin" costs.
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Sep 17, 2009
All you need to do is google Core Elements, has scam written all over it. These idiots don't have any real jobs on offer. They bring you in, waste your time and charge you for that privelege - retards!
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