Punishment Of Crime Based On Nationality Not The Crime.

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punishment of crime based on nationality not the crime. Apr 04, 2006
Gang Rape, some emarati guys or as they like to call themselves locals, sentenced to jail for 2 yrs despite the fact that the islamic law (Sharia) implies 80 lashes.


Estonian who harassed woman cop prefers lashes to jail
By a staff reporter

4 April 2006

SHARJAH — The Sharjah Shariah court has sentenced Andrie Carol, an Estonian soldier of the EU peace keeping force, to one month in jail and 80 lashes followed by deportation for consumption of alcohol and molesting a policewoman at the International airport here.

Andrie had arrived with the peace keeping soldiers from Afghanistan and during the transit period at Sharjah Airport, he had consumed alcohol. The policewoman Mervat filed a complaint against him for sexually harassing her while she was asleep in the ladies police rest room during a break.

Andrie's lawyer said that the court sentenced him to one month imprisonment for alcohol consumption and three months or 80 lashes for harassing the policewoman. He will take the 80 lashes instead of staying in the prison for three months. He has already spent one month in jail, sources noted.

--source khaleej Times
http://www.khaleejtimes.com/Displayarti ... ril139.xml

So this implies that if a national rapes 2 yrs are okay. Sharia not so important. Anybody else who hasn't even got the woman naked deserves 80 lashes.

I am not supporting what either one did but i think it just would have been more fair if those nationals got the same 80 lashes.

How do all the arabs or i must say the nationals justify this?

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Apr 04, 2006
We went through this before.... Stop hogging the bandwidth with two identical threads...


Focus on the other one.
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Apr 10, 2006
i dont like your avatar :?
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Apr 15, 2006
So thats your theory up in the air!

Get your facts right before you have your hot milk and get tucked in bed by mummy!

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