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Du or not Du? Jan 07, 2011
we've been with Du for a couple of years now; landline, broadband and tv pack. First the price went up from Aed500 to aed800 about a year ago - we're still waiting for the letter to justify the price hike. Then showsport channels lost the premier league viewings.
In December we moved to the ranches and stuck to Du. since then we've seen customer services struggling to cope with our queries: broadband's super slow, the technician couldn't reset one of the boxes, no followup, noone to try to fix the problems when the hotline's called..
Can anyone suggest ideas/alternatives?

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Re: Du Or Not Du? Jan 07, 2011
I'm afraid your stuck, but just so you know Etisalat arn't any better. Little comfort I know.
For internet you could try the Etisalat USB modem but thats is extremely expensive.

Oh wait. you could call OSN and get a package from them directly, but this would mean fixing a sat dish somewhere on you property. I think its not allowed but you could get away with it.

P.S: The price difference between the DU and OSN really isn't that much and since Orbit and Showtime merged and turned into OSN the prices did go up.
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Re: Du or not Du? Oct 29, 2011
the only alternative to Du is Etisalat, which in my experience is far worse. Stick with Du.
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Re: Du Or Not Du? Feb 04, 2012
In dubai few months and on DU, very bloody expensive
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Re: Du Or Not Du? Mar 16, 2012
du, has the worst customer service, but same thing with etisalat so really no choice
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Re: Du Or Not Du? May 14, 2012
For the information of everyone....I recently upgraded my du connection to AED 1000 plan. with couple of weeks I happen to recieve an email from Du stating that my credit limit has increased beyond the credit limit of AED 10000/- . I happen to call the call center, when I called them for the first time they informed me that I got to wait till the next bill is generated and they dont have a clue about this (In fact they dont have clue about anything, I cant figure out why du is running a call center?).

Later once my outgoing is barred I called them again and one of their representatives informed me that my data package not activated thats the reason this huge increase in my bill and she informed me that it will take 7 days for them to get it sorted out. The only thing I can do is to sit and wait.......there is no office where we can go and get them done instantly.
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Re: Du or not Du? May 17, 2012
I've always found DU ok from a customer service point of view, they've definitely got better over time. However, we've ditched the tv package because I refuse to pay lots of money for constant repeats, bad editing and stuff that is so far behind everywhere else.
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Re: Du Or Not Du? Jul 29, 2012
I can review their 3G services and I wasn't impressed with coverage or the speeds. In places like Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates, the speeds and pings were great but most places out of the main/busiest areas had very poor coverage and an almost unusable internet connection. I'm not sure if Etisalat is better in this regard but hope my experience may help someone.
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undefined Jun 26, 2015
This is what Du advertised :- prepaid customers up to 100% bonus credit
what you get min free international ...upon calling help line they tell you

oh you had to dial bala bala bala to get bonus but, now the offer has expired !

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