Can You Help With E-Commerce Issue?

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Can you help with E-Commerce issue? Apr 13, 2016
I want open my own web site soon ... :idea:
This business created Not especially for UAE, its just web site of my own staff - this intellectual product
(which people can buy if they need it - from anywhere in the world)
They don't need delivery, don't need export, import or something else. Just email and payments online.

But i live now in UAE and i want to create a cart on web site for visa/master card and PayPal...
But for me better way to receive the money - UAE bank account or PayPal account.
Or for this reason i have to open my company here?
Because i don't need office or staff , nothing. Or no choice? :cry:

After 3-4 years i plan to leave UAE, but web site and payments should be with me anywhere.
Or maybe you know some another ways? :?: :?: :?:

If its does not work ... i can try to speak with my bank from my native city.

If somebody know some information pls share with me. Thank you for answers. :bounce: :bounce:

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