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will there be any ban Sep 13, 2011
Hi all
I am in great dillema on whether any ban will be there

I joined on the visa from a RAKIA FZE co. which was a subsidiary of a Dubai Company in March 2010 , However after joining I have worked in Dubai only , went to FZE office 5 or 6 times to mark attendance only. In jul 2011 the FZE subsidiary was closed and my visa was also cancelled.
I was issued a 2 month temporary visa issued in july from the Dubai main company , which was handed over to me in aug, I wanted to discuss my increment with the manager so I did not push for Medicals instantly. The outcome was not satisfactory.
Now the temporary visa has also expired.
No new contract was signed. Previous contract was an unlimited one.

If I take up another job, will i attract any ban as per the new labour laws ? I am a degree holder and my salary was AED 3500/-

In case there is a ban , how can it be prevented ? HR tells me that they have sent my passport for visa cancellation. HR is unable to give me any clear answer on which visa cancellation , when the RAKIA Visa got cancelled in July and temporary visa expired automatically .

I am in big tension of the unknown.Kindly reply. Thanks in advance

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Re: Will There Be Any Ban Feb 07, 2012
I worked in dubai for a non free zone company from 2008/07/07 to 2011/07/06 - completed this unlimited contract and then had the contract renewed (unlimited) from 2011/06/29 to 2013/06/28. Basically i completed 38months with this company in non free zone and resigned them after giving a notice period of 30days as mentioned in the offer letter and also got the resignation acceptance letter from the employer. Right now I'm in dubai on visit visa looking for new jobs. Is there any chance that i would have got a ban because i renewed the contract with them and then resigned. Also, would i only get to know this if i get a new job and the new employer apply for a visa. Pls help.
Regards bobby.
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