About Ban By The Dubai Govt.

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About Ban by the Dubai govt. Aug 18, 2009
i am currently working since 3 months in Dubai.

now i have got an offer from Zebel ali free zone. can i switch.

what about the ban ...

i have heard there is no such thing if one switches to ZAFZA...

please advice.........

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Aug 19, 2009
No ban if you switch within same free zone because your sponsor doesn't change. Otherwise probably yes.

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About Ban by the Dubai govt. Aug 19, 2009
Dear all,

i am currently working in dubai on dubai visa since 3 months.

in my offer letter its mentioned if i leave the company within 2 yrs, i will have to pay the visa & ticket cost.

next thing i can't join any other comp. in same line for 1 more yr.

Now , i am getting a job from a comp. of zebel ali free zone.

My question is : will i get a ban if i change the job from my employer ,also from dubai govt.

is the ban applicable for freezone. i can work in free zone or not ???

Please advice.....
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