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What does Ban Mean...specific to my case May 27, 2009
Hi, I work for a bank in DXB but as an outsourced agent through a company that goes through labor. A year back when I got an offer from another bank on its rolls, the present bank promised to take me on its permanent rolls. Typical to most companies they did not stand up to the promise. Now my question is, if I resign, will they (labor) ban me? Even if labor bans, if I get a job in a semi govt company like a bank that does not go through labor, can I join it immediately? How will it differ if the bank is from a different emirate? Your reply would be highly appreciated if you can also provide details on where I can get more, legal information that I can stand on.

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May 31, 2009
Well you will only have a ban in the labour dept. If you get hired by a Free Zone or Govt or semi govt that does not go through the labour department you should be ok.
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Jun 24, 2009
you can try with freezone, government , semi-government companies

few banks in emirates accept candidates with ban because they doesnt come under labour.

i belive companies are giving NOC at this time where layoffs are common,

try contacting them if you need clarifcations
Department of Naturalization and Residency, Trade Centre Road, near Bur Dubai Police Station
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Jul 07, 2009
I think bans can be taken off by paying some amount, not sure but that is what I heard from my lawyer friend.
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