Top 10 Tips On How To Deal With Work Stress

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Top 10 tips on how to deal with work stress Apr 18, 2014
How to reduce work-related stress
1. Buy some time – aim to get to work just 15 minutes earlier every day. You can then ease into your day and consult your to do list without feeling rushed and exasperated before your day has even begun.

2. Get time away – if you feel stress building up, use this as an opportunity to move. Our jobs are becoming more and more sedentary, so stretch those legs and get the blood flowing.

3. 20-20–20 rule, reduce your eyestrain, relax your tired eyes. Every 20 minutes; take a break from looking at your computer, focus on an object 20 metres away for 20 seconds.

4. Look for opportunities to move, when the phone rings; take the call and pace around your office. It might look funny, but what does that matter?

5. Stay hydrated – sometimes hunger can be a sign of dehydration. We generally don’t drink enough water, so take the time to get up every 30 minutes and get a glass of water.

6. Be free of clutter – keep a tidy desk, free of clutter. Just knowing where everything is reduces stress.

7. Get organised – create daily lists and prioritise as much as necessary. By planning your day and sticking to a schedule, you will feel more in control and less overwhelmed.

8. Whilst it’s still possible for us to be outside, try switching the indoor meetings for a meeting on the stroll or in the café around the corner.

9. Keep snacking throughout the day to keep that blood sugar leveled so you don’t chose the quick fixes like coffee to pep you up. Remember: what goes up must come down!

10. Sleep easy – adequate sleep fuels your mind and energises your body. Make sure you plan for a good nights sleep.

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