Presently In USA, Coming To Dubai In Jan 2009. Need Help

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Presently in USA, Coming to Dubai in Jan 2009. need help Nov 12, 2008
Hello every one,

I am from India but presently in USA, and as you guys know about the job market in US, i am planning to come to Dubai in Jan 2009 and try my luck there.
I have a Australian Degree (MBA) presently working for a very big company as a Sales Development manager. I have almost 7 years of exp in Sales and marketing.
My question to you people is, sice i have western education and also visited US on work, will i have some advangate or more chances to getting the same profile like a Manager position??
I have heard from lot of people that in UAE they give lot of preferance to Western Education, is that true?

I would really appreciate your answers.


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Nov 12, 2008
depends on what your passport is. indians have it hard here and unless you work for a large MNC then you'll have trouble finding a job with the same salary as the states.
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