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One regular employee Oct 18, 2015
Hi, I have been working in a private company since November 2014. I have a colleague before and got terminated August 2015. So now I am working alone in the office. I've been going to the hospital 2 months now coz of my health issue. The question is, am I allowed to have my annual leave this coming November, cox I want to get a general chekup in my home country. I have talked to my boss and said he doesn't know if he can allow me because there's no one else who will do my job. But for me, this annual leave is important due to my health issue. I want to know if there is a law for health issues and annual leave situation like mine.

Pls help. Thanks :bounce:

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Re: One Regular Employee Jan 20, 2016
Yes, you are entitle for leave. get your medical certi and submit your leave/ vacation application along with it.
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