Fake Employee ... What Can I Do ?

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Fake employee ... what can I do ? Oct 08, 2012
I discovered that my CEO has hired a fake employee, his wife...
Let me explain: my CEO got married 5 months ago and we saw his wife come in the office once or twice to get her visa done which is ok.
But since then I have discovered that she is under the company's visa, she has a contract with our company (with working hours defined etc) and receives a salary of 5000 AED every month (that is not deducted from our boss' salary) for doing absolutely nothing. As per our boss' saying: 'my wife is at home, I do not want her to work, she has to take care of me'. He also bought her a cellphone (Blackberry Porshe worth 7000AED) with the company's account.
FYI: My company is in Dubai Internet City, a free zone.

What can we do against this ? What would be the consequences for the company ? Do I have to inform Tecom ? Go to the MOL directly ?

I am asking this because he wants to fire me just because I married a colleague in my company and he does not think it is appropriate to have a married couple in his company... 'not convenient' as he says.

Any help would be most appreciated :)

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Re: Fake Employee ... What Can I Do ? Oct 08, 2012
When I read the first part of your post, my first thoughts were why should it bother you what your bosses wife gets from the company. She won't be the first wife on the payroll and not the last either. It really is none of your concern and I would just get on with my job and mind my own business.

Then I read the second part that he wants to fire you for being married. If he wants to fire you I don't think he will use the excuse that you are married. I would have thought he would have to come up with something better than that.

I suppose you will have to wait to see what happens. I would keep quiet. He may not sack you but definitely will if you start making waves.
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Re: Fake Employee ... What Can I Do ? Oct 28, 2012
easy , sue the CEO on both . I am sure that you can press charges against him. I wish that I was working in your company to blackmail my own CEO everyday :-)
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Re: Fake employee ... what can I do ? Oct 28, 2012
There's nothing illegal here.

This is a matter between the CEO and the owners of the company.

If you know about this, then it's pretty certain that the owners of the company know about this. If it is done with the knowledge of the owners of the company then there is no crime. A person can't steel something if they have permission from the owner to take it.

Another thing, it sounds like your CEO does not want to fire you, but is encouraging you to leave of your own accord. If he wanted to fire you, you would already be fired. I suggest you take his advice and start looking for a better job. It may not be illegal to have stay at home employees on the books, but it doesn't sound like a well run company.
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Re: Fake Employee ... What Can I Do ? Jan 20, 2016
mesheditor ,

--- Jan 20, 2016 ---

He needs valid reason or else he will face consequences from MOL if you file case against him.
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