Is 30k Aed Decent Salary For Living In International City?

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Oct 20, 2009
gavtek wrote:I'd be amazed if you paid anywhere near 100k per year to rent a one bedroom apartment in International City. You can buy them outright for around 500k.

You'll have a fairly good life living on that salary. International City is a bit of a dump. Plenty of wildlife though. Well, rats.

Yes, IC one bedroom 40k-60k per year should be enough.

The 10k per month figure I suggested was intended as a generous amount to cover anwhere from Silicon Oasis to Old Town. DSO is I guess about 50k-70k per year.

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Nov 04, 2009
Why don't you consider JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers). It is relatively cheap and in a much better area than IC. You would be paying a little bit more but the standard of accommodation and of your neighbors will be much higher.
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Re: To Martin May 16, 2010
Humbleman wrote:"it make for anybody from the civilised part of the world to come into this shithouse"

Martin, your message tells me about what type of person you are – it’s a shame that you are living in a foreign country, but yet still have that intolerant attitude toward the country that feeds you.

Mate, am an Arabic descent, I’ve been living in a Western county for nearly 8 years now. I must say, my first impression was inferior, mainly because I didn’t know anything about the culture. Things were different from back home, for example, younger people have little respect if any toward older people. At night time people usually get drunk and then swear at each others, and some time beat or stab each others. To me these sort of behaviour were unacceptable and uncivilized, my parents taught to respect and help stranger, and of course elderly.

However, when I decided to leave the country that I was born in, I decided to leave some of my culture’s beliefs and customs behind, mainly because I belief that in order to live happily in a country, you first need to understand and get accustomed with its culture, or at least try to get your head around why they do things in the way they do them, so you could make sense of their way of life.

I must admit, at first it wasn’t easy at all, but because of my curious nature I eventually accustomed myself to the culture, and I have to say I love it. However, if I visit the UAE I’d try to adjust to its culture, so I could be happy and have peace in mind.

UAE and its people are very gracious toward others cultures. Let me give you a simple example, alcohol is frown upon in the Gulf countries by tradition. You have to understand that UAE citizens original were Bedouin, and because one of the Bedouin’s virtues is to respect other cultures’ customs, thus, they don’t like to control how others should live their life. That’s why they are flexible about drinking and other things which otherwise are alien to their culture.

So, Martin or whatever your name is, be respectful and try to understand that others are different, they are neither superior nor inferior to you, they are only see and interpret things differently from the way you do – that’s all mate. Please have a human heart.


masha allah i like this answer
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Re: Is 30k Aed Decent Salary For Living In International Cit Jul 27, 2010
stay away from the international city, and 30k is cool without any kids!! or wife( even better ) :D
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Re: Is 30k Aed Decent Salary For Living In International Cit Jul 27, 2010
Thank you for answering a two year old question. Someone please put a sticky up asking newbies not to disturb the poor dead and buried threads.
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Re: Is 30k Aed Decent Salary For Living In International Cit Dec 22, 2013
30k a month, why would you live in International City? Thats a pretty good salary...
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