Wanted - Entire Apartment Of Furniture!!!!

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Wanted - Entire apartment of furniture!!!! Jan 21, 2008
Hi All,

We've just moved to Dubai and need to furnish an entire 1B/R apartment. We've done a fair bit of shopping around already so we're in pretty good shape as far as knowing what the local prices of things are. But rather than go out buy everything brand new and wait for delivery, we thought that there's probably a lot of people out there that are moving out of Dubai, just as quickly as there are people moving in, that would be looking to sell off some of their accumulated furniture, etc.

To prevent wasting your time and ours, here's a bit of guidance for us to all work to;

1. We don't need anything up until about the 31st January - Some small stuff might be OK, but large items CAN'T be accomodated.
2. We'll expect to see some photo's before we consider any item.
3. We're really only looking for items that are in "GREAT" condition and relatively new.
4. We are starting from scratch here so ALL items will be considered.
5. We're in the "Greens" area so obviously locations near to that would be great!
6. Send us a PM here with what you'd like to sell and we'll give you our email address from there.

Appreciate you taking the time to read this post. Look forward to hearing from you!

Craig & Leanne.


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Jan 21, 2008
To be fair mate...
Its just as cheap to buy brand new.
and you get warranty...
Have you tried wwwexpatwoman.com/vbulletin
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Jan 21, 2008
geeza has a fair point Craig. By the time you spend mailing, arranging to pick up/deliverand the waste of time with lookin at stuff you dont want you may as well get down to Ikea ot "the one", pay a pittance and get them to deliver, hump and lump and assemble it for free.
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