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Think about this when you travel... Mar 04, 2008
Most of us associate travel with either fun (holidays, vacation, etc) or business. However, I've learned that many other people travel for reaons other than than: to attend a funeral, to visit a sick relative, to find a better life, to escape prosecution, etc.

I've been on planes next to: a person who was being deported, a few raws in fron of an inmate on its way to prison (in the foreign country); a person who left her 4 children behind and was going to stay with a distant cousing in the hope of getting a job (her husband had just died); a father and daughther returning home from cancer treatmen for her (she wore a wig at 9 years old), etc. etc.

Of course I've sat next to pretentious aholes plenty a time... I also sat next to a South African mercenary who began the flight as a "business man" but I had my suspicions and after a few in-flight cocktails revealed to be a mercenary (and gave me more detail that any sober person, no less a mercenary would...).

Just a thought brought on because Mrs. Concord (the real one) just flew out yesterday on a long journey to visit a sick and beloved relative and I am about to make the same journey...

So not all travel is fun and exciment...

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Mar 04, 2008
Damn, I always wanted to have a few drinks with a mercenary.

the saddest thing I saw in my travels was the refugee camp in Turkey.
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