Recommended Restaurants By DF Members Outside Dubai.

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Recommended Restaurants by DF Members Outside Dubai. Feb 25, 2007
Same concept as "restaurants in Dubai" but for a wider wordl. I know Dubai is the "center of the universe" but....

What say you.

I just had a great barbecue meal at a restaurant in NYC the place is called "RUB" on 23rd street between 7th and eight avenue. Most people rave about "blue smoke" but this place I recommend.

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Mar 03, 2007
Sanno (a) Bar in Sharjah is excellent for fish and other lebanese food.

and yes Sharjah is not in Dubai :P
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Apr 08, 2007
Sounds dull but...
Hatta Fort has good food esp at the pool side
A snack in Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain with the view from the top of the mountain is recommended
a very good restaurant I say is the Iranian (?) one in Hilton in Al Ain.
That's as far as I went thus far.
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