Dubai Vs Kuala Lumpur

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Re: Dubai Vs Kuala Lumpur May 29, 2013
I Think Dubai Is The Best place for Every Thing...

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Re: Dubai Vs Kuala Lumpur Aug 03, 2013
Kuala Lumpur is great for a cultural experience, but Dubai has really good shopping :)
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Re: Dubai Vs Kuala Lumpur Sep 19, 2013
I think you right Dubai is better than Kuala lumpur.
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Re: Dubai Vs Kuala Lumpur Nov 02, 2013
anaqvi86 , wow amazing comparison thanks.

Disagree to one point though, Speeding cameras are a safety must... I would imagine the roads in Dubai unsafe if it wasn't for the speeding cameras... this is a good point, not a bad point
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undefined Jul 15, 2014
i have been offered a job from dubai salary around 13,000 AED and also got an offer from kuala lampur 6000 MYR
please help me out which is better, i m living in karachi
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Re: Dubai Vs Kuala Lumpur Aug 11, 2015
As per my opinion, both the places are great for tourist, But I will suggest you to go Dubai because it is Dream city. I hope this will help you to decide where to go.
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