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Mac Data Recovery ? Call Quick Fix Dubai 042718199 Aug 06, 2015
Mac Data recovery

Data Recovery services by Apple Experts Quick Fix Dubai. We specialise in providing Apple Mac data recovery services to recover data from faulty or damaged hard drives. We offer a free assessment service on all hard drive recoveries to determine if we can recover the data, and then we can quote you for the recovery.

Hard drive not recognised ?

If your Apple Mac is no longer booting up, and on startup now displays a flashing question mark, it is likely that your hard drive is no longer recognised by your machine.

In this instance we can remove your hard drive, connect it directly to our recovery machine and start the assessment process to determine what work is required, to either get your drive into a position where we can extract the data, or to clone your drive to one of our recovery drives.

Recover deleted data.

If you have accidentally deleted data from your Apple Mac then we can help to recover the data from your drive.
When data is deleted the data still sits on your hard drive but is labelled as free space, this makes it quite straightforward to recover. The best thing to do if you have deleted the data is to no longer use your Apple Mac until you have had the drive scanned for deleted data, as if you continue to use the machine you risk writing over the data making it more difficult to retrieve.

What we offer:
• Free the same day diagnosis
• NO OBLIGATION fixed quote
• Competitive prices
• No Data, No Fee service

So what you are waiting for...
Contact Us :
Tel : 042718199
Mob: 0552110922
Mob: 0508621276

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