Looking For Quick Apple Mac Repair Services ?Call 0552110922

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Looking for Quick Apple Mac Repair Services ?Call 0552110922 Apr 02, 2015
[url http://quickfixgeeks.com/apple-mac-lapt ... -in-dubai/ ]Get your Apple Mac Laptop Repaired Quickly At QuickFix Dubai[/url]

Apple Mac repairs

Mac repairs we carry out includes same-day macbook hard drive replacements, new screens and optical drives, as well as memory (RAM) upgrades.

At QuickFix Dubai In addition to repairing any Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro,iMac, Mac Air & Mac Pro desktop or laptop, we can also upgrade them. Common repairs and upgrades include replacing damaged hard drives, or fitting larger ones (transferring data if necessary); replacing damaged LCD screens; replacing or upgrading optical (CD/DVD) drives. We can also upgrade the memory (RAM) in your Mac, add wireless (AirPort) capability to older Mac desktops and laptops and upgrade your software, including your Mac’s operating system.

We can solve all kinds of problems, whether they’re technical in nature,physically damaged desktops or laptops, software troubleshooting, or questions about your setup — external peripherals, networks and so forth.

Our Apple MAC Repair Services Features

Geniune Apple Parts
We use genuine Apple replacement parts to offer our customers the highest quality and most cost effective price for repair.

LCD Screen Replacement
MacBook Pro and MacBook Air LCD screen's have a tendency to crack if they have been dropped or pressure has been applied. We offer an LCD screen replacement service to remove the faulty LCD screen and replace with a new LCD screen to get your Apple Mac up and running again asap.

OS Repair & Upgrade
A common issue that can cause startup issues and poor performance is that your Operating System has corrupted, either as a result of third party software damaging the system or that your drive and directory has fragmented over time. We can use our repair tools and experience to de-fragment your hard drive, repair software issues and get you back up and running again fast and effectively.

HDD Repair & Replacements
One of our most utilised services is our Hard Drive repair and replacement service. As you copy to and delete data from your hard drive your drive suffers from an element of wear and tear and over time the drive can fragment and fail. We will run repair utilities over your drive to try and bring the drive back to life and if the drive is no longer functioning correctly then we can replace your hard drive and migrate your data onto the new hard drive.

if you want your repair to be done right, please contact our Certified Mac Engineers now.

Mobile : 055 2110922
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Landline : 04 2718199
Web : www.quickfixgeeks.com

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