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Moving to Dubai - PLEASE HELP Feb 08, 2004
Hello all ...
I am maybe moving with my new husband to Dubai (I am from the States) ... I have heard so many wonderful things about living in Dubai. I am really nervous :? for the fact that I wont be able to go to Dubai to check it out for myself before making a decision. Can you give me pointers?
My husband has 6 years experience as an Petroleum/Reservoir Engineer.
1) What salary should he expect? We would like to live in a nice place and be able to put away money each month.
2) What type of housing allowance should we expect. Nice furnished place.
3) What other things should we know or expect?
4) Any advice to offer me?

Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!
Lacy :shock:

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how did u get the offer Feb 10, 2004
im glad ur moving to dubai is a nice place to be im hoping me and my husband and kids move there too how did ur husband got the job offer any specail company my husband is american too can u advice he is a computer enginner .. thanx

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Feb 25, 2004
Hi Lace..
Petrolium Engineer.. hm.. I don't know.. I suppose a good salary.. :)
Well, 12 000 dhs per month is a very nice sallary here in Dubai.
You can have a good life and save some money... Of cource Dubai is such a place where you can spend all your money easely so.. it depends. ;)
I think a Petrolium Engineer should get even more...
It can be up to 30 000 per month - depends on experience...

Housing allowence... I think it's better if your husband asks the comapny that is hiring him what kind of allowence it's offering.
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Me Too Apr 04, 2004
I shall be moving to Dubai in July. I have visited UAE many times over the past 3 years to visit my partner.
I love UAE and especially Dubai, it is full of fantastic places and people. I am sure you will love it there (if you are not already there by now).
Please feel free to email me and maybe we can stay in contact. I would love to tell you some of the great experiences I have had in Dubai.

Michelle (UK)
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