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looking for job Oct 06, 2004
I am searching for employment. I have completed my Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS). I have 2 years experience in windows2000/XP systems/network administration & troubleshooting. I have successfully completed the Microsoft Certified System Engineer track & passed certification exam, plus to this I also have atteneded Hardware Repairing course.
I will appreciate if you could consider my application for suitable job
thank you in anticipation
zia ullah

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Oct 06, 2004
Salam zaullah

I am also looking for Computer Jobs in Dubai, If n When you get a suitable job and IF n When your foture company got new vacancies promise me you will let me know :lol: :lol:

That is not a JOkE
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Oct 07, 2004
ok dear inshAllah i will tell u
but plz pray for me
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