Plz. Help Me Buying New Computer.

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Plz. help me buying new computer. Nov 05, 2006

Plz. suggest some best brand-new computers (both desktop & laptop), that's pentium "4" and maximum price is US$1000.

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Nov 06, 2006
as for desktops just to go Khaled Bin Al waleed street and check the prices !!! usually u select the specifications and parts u want to assemble for a desktop u should think about specs rather than price, as for laptops, it is simple also !! near Khaled Bin al Waleed street go to Al Ain centre !! there they have the best prices for laptops. Personaly I purchase from Care Computers on the second floor !! there is a nice guy there called Hardeeb ask for him and he will give u a good price !!!
Good luck !
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Nov 06, 2006
will also depend on what you will use it for
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Nov 11, 2006
If you can wait for a month more, then I'd advise you to get a laptop that supports and comes with the Windows Vista software

Many dealers are trying to offload the old laptops before Vista arrives because it works best only with a RAM capacity of 1GB
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Nov 11, 2006
Gitex Shopper is next week and there will be lots of great deals.

ps this thread should be in high tech.
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