Any Moving Companies On The Black List?

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Any moving companies on the black list? Apr 05, 2012
Hi, I noticed there weren't that many unlocked posts in this forum, so I thought I'd start one related to moving companies. Anyone had a particularly negative experience that they need to vent about? If so, I'm all ears. Thanks!

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Re: Any Moving Companies On The Black List? Apr 12, 2012
I've used movers a few times and the movers don't really have any skills or know how. If you want it done properly, you have to take charge.

If you want cushions or blankets to separate your valuable furniture, you will need to supply them yourself and show the movers where you want them.

If you want a load tied down securely, you have to tie it down yourself. Movers here only know one knot which my kids use to tie their shoe lace (left over right, under pull tight , repeat & repeat ...). Where I come from (Australia) it seems like everyone knows how to tie a truckie's knot.

If you offer to teach the movers how to tie a knot, they won't be interested. Maybe it's a pride thing that some Asians don't like to learn things from white people. Also if you offer the moving blankets to the movers afterwards so they can use them for their future customers, they won't be interested. They don't seem to understand why anyone would want to protect their furniture with blankets while moving it.
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