Why Do People Want To Convert Me??

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Why do People Want to Convert Me?? Aug 26, 2012
I am fortunate enough to live in a part of the world where all religions and non religions co-exist peacefully.
There might be a slight preponderance of Christianity. With its different sects.
I still do not understand the difference between the Anglican Church and a Baptist Church for example. I can understand, to a certain extent, what the Catholics and the Protestants have been fighting over for centuries with a lot of bloodshed and killings.
During the course of my day, I meet many good and interesting people. Some of them have become my friends.
Invariably, some of them give me something about Jesus Christ. Either a Bible or some other religious tract or pamphlet. I do tell them that although born to Muslim parents, education has made me loose faith in all Faiths!
Still, I have had many invitations to attend Church of one or the other denomination. Which I have done on a number of occasions, and have had some excellent dinners.
But the people that I have met there are the same that I used to meet in the Mosques of Muslims. Though their skin color and language maybe different.
I even went for a short course in Christianity to one Church over several weekends! Towards the end, we were split into groups and sat at our own tables, and were then told to discuss our spiritual feelings. Of which I had non! :shock:
But I heard people say how they had let Jesus into their lives and found peace! This is the point at which I got lost! Why is it always expressed in this way?
And Jesus died for our sins?? What does that mean actually?
Who was Jesus, in fact? And where did the Bible come from? Was it originally in Greek or Hebrew? Aren't we going back to Plato then?
And what is Faith?
Why do people believe in Aliens and UFOs like in the Church of Scientology?
Are there really fairies, and pixies, and elves?
And Djinns?
Why do people want to convert me, when it has the exact opposite effect??
With all due respect, of course :D

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Re: Why Do People Want To Convert Me?? Aug 27, 2012
I have religious family members, attended the religious places of friends, and read about various religions, and it never has an effect on me. During a tough period of time as a kid I did what I was told, to pray and accept Jesus into my heart etc. I went to church... nothing. There was no sudden revelation or spiritual feelings. In fact, the only time I feel anything spiritual is when I'm out in nature, and it comes from knowing that I'm part of the nature, not due to any one god who "speaks" to me. Scientific explanations for the world around me are far more satisfying than religious explanations and being told to "Just have faith!".
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Re: Why Do People Want To Convert Me?? Nov 26, 2014
Frequentflier ,

I can relate with with you on this. I have attended countless church programmes while I was back in Africa. And at each one, I was always the odd one out.

Once anyone sees me, the first question is "What is your name". The moment I tell them my name and my surname, the expression on their faces changes. Then the next question that follows is "Are comfortable being in a church?". Then after I say "No". The conversion process starts. They start by asking me all sorts of questions, some funny and some quite annoying but I answer with a smiling face.

To be frank, I have also lost faith in all faiths after meeting some sets of people. By the way, my name is Ramadan Mohammed.. Now you understand, lol...
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