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Make ur chats interesting,fun,easy and have quality May 31, 2006
Hi..TQ For the chance make the chats fun for sure u must discuss all new issue of the world especially wat gonna happend with dubai in the future when the government keep building high raise building for end market wherby their people maybe only less than 30% can enjoy all of the facilties because they a not jetz...Well one day a huge emiratesse will gather against the government if the government keep doing this without fully calculate that their majority people who live in rular area arent well educated...thats different with malaysia when the government by force ask their population to go study aboard learn english and its all teachnology and knowledge n bring back today we have many capable people in every field to uphold malaysia...and dubai or uae gov should think this way..dont sorry after things happends but think before the think happend..uae should do more reasearch to develop the islamic finance as a weapon to go aboard investment incase anything happend the country have reserve...and uae gov should encourage education n skills in all village especially for youngsters an villagers....Well i have more to write if this will be listen by uea government......from amoora

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