Am I Divorced.

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Am i divorced. Nov 17, 2014
Asalam alikum before couple of years me and my husband were just having fun i threatened him that i will put oil on his face and he just told me divorce divorce divorce. (Talaq talaq talaq). We were just having fun it just came out his mouth. There so many hadees which tells That even in a joke or anger one says three talaaq it will be taken 3 talaaq and is irrevocable. My husband has consulted someone i dont know and told me that it is not talaaq. But now listening to so many hadees i am scared. Plz if someone can help me with their advice or recommend me someone who can advice.

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Re: Am I Divorced. Nov 23, 2014
As far as I know if he says the words then its valid, doesn’t matter what the situation is. But just to be sure its always best to ask the right people regarding these matters.

You can contact the "General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments" here in the UAE, you can contact them online and ask about
anything: ... oCeLrw_wcB

"On Islam" is also a website dedicated to non Arabic speaking Muslims, it answers a variety of questions and might help you a lot, you can also send in your own questions and they will answer you. ... right.html

Best of luck, hope you
hear good news :)
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Re: Am I Divorced. Jan 04, 2015
Americanspirit ,yea this is right awqaf..main stream muslims see the three tolaq as three will be one.,.but if one say not intentionally,i dont know aboit it...the word of tolaq is not for play

--- Jan 04, 2015 ---

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Re: Am I Divorced. Sep 14, 2015
asdf939 ,
Go to india, better to marry in ur country
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