Can Wealth Buy Paradise Of Akhirah?

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Can wealth buy Paradise of Akhirah? Jun 19, 2017
Let me tell you something about some rich people. They turned into greedy selfish beings;

In the beginning of modern gambling it was discussed amongst Muslim community and followers is it permissible / halal to take coupons at malls, markets, shops etc. and play for luck to win something.

Then respectable Muslim scholars said that it is permissible only if person does not go to such places with intention to play such a gamble, but if buys what usually buys and then get coupons. In that case they said it is permissible and if they win that is halal for them to take as a reward.

But that was in the beginning, now rich people advertise their gambling. They put billboards telling you to go intentionally to their malls, shops etc. to spend some amount of money and to possibly win something.

At the end from all money they get trough such gambling advertises they might separate some amount and build a mosque. They will save their souls and hope for having mosques of same size and shape in jannah / Paradise. That is their plan. But what if turns that souls of people sold for gambling are much heavier then mosque on Mizaan scale of The Judgment Day?

They are also offering to pure innocent children to learn to recite Qur'an, to memorises verses of Qur'an for their money price. As if losing fitrah and purity of soul is worth their filthy money? As fame of winning competition context is worth of losing intentions?

They are just thinking how to get reward from God for motivating children to memorise Qur'an, but they do not care if they will spoil their intentions. Will children learn because of love for God and religion, for spiritual purposes, for intentions to implement teaching of Qur'an in their future adulthood?

Is one lost soul of single child heavier on Mizaan scale of The Judgment Day, then all sadaqah money given for 'motivational purposes' ?

Why do they give away 'meals' at mosques in shape of bread filled with teaspoon chicken, half teaspoon salad and half teaspoon mustard in it, counting it as 'feeding poor with same food as you eat', and reporting to News million of meals shared with poor?

Please stop it, you can't even cheat our taste senses, do not think to cheat God!!

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