Anil Ambani - Anti Hindu ?

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Anil Ambani - Anti Hindu ? May 12, 2008
In spite of numerous worldwide protests against M. F. Husain, his paintings are still being exhibited and glorified, often with the support of our own Hindu brethren. Please see here news about M. F. Husain's paintings to be exhibited at Christie's Art Gallery at South Kensington, UK from 14 May through 10 June. ... 018116.cms

This exhibition is being held, courtesy Anil and Tina Ambani. Anil Ambani, who has grown to be one of the richest people in the world today, thanks to the Hindu majority India, has proudly kept a private collection of M. F. Husain's paintings, enough to fuel a month-long exhibition at Christie's!

Hindus, this is how much the Ambanis value your religious feelings! Besides registering your protests to Christie's, make sure to protest to the Ambanis!
Anil Ambani email address: or or call Reliance at 3037 3333

Only two years ago in UK, the Asia House Gallery had to close down their exhibition of M. F. Husain's paintings, after vehement protests undertaken by the Hindus there. ... ouse2.html

Let us take inspiration also from protests leading to cancellation of M. F. Husain's felicitation in Dubai recently: ... es.php#bct

If you are in the UK or know any Hindus in the UK, you can organize protest demonstrations outside Christie's in South Kensington.
Christie's Chairman: Hugh Edmeades
General Manager: Tom Woolston

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85 Old Bromptom Road, London, SW7 3LD
Tel: + 44(0) 20 79306074
Fax:+ 44(0) 20 77523321
Sales Room Tel: + 44(0)2079306074

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