A Dr Who Movie?

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A Dr Who movie? Nov 16, 2011
So I hear the guy who directed the last few Harry Potter movies wants to turn the popular tv show into a major movie. Hmmm not sure about this at all. I used to and still do love Dr Who - it's an institution and not sure they should be messing with it.

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Re: A Dr Who Movie? Dec 10, 2011
Why not? If they use the same actors...

There is a pretty good star treck movie... why not Dr Who?
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Re: A Dr Who Movie? Jan 01, 2012
it would be great but i dont think matt Smith would be good actor in a movie i would get david tenant back
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Re: A Dr Who Movie? Feb 01, 2012
wow That was a great news.This show was great & i think movie was also too good.
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