Local Sponser In Dubai And Abu Dhabi

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Local Sponser in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Jun 29, 2014
Hi there if you are looking for the best local sponser in Dubai or Abu Dhabi,then you really have to bear in mind three important points.They have to 1)offer reasonable price ,2)Open Minded people and Friendly 3)Be available anytime and answer their phone on time. All these points must be taken into consideration and if you are serious to find the best local sponsers ,you can find them in http://www.localsponsers.com

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Re: Local Sponser In Dubai And Abu Dhabi Jul 04, 2014
There are some sponsors that provide office space in addition to their sponsorship services. This office space is much less expensive than renting your own office because many people under the sponsor's sponsorship share the space, and therefore pay less per square foot. Ask your sponsor whether such facility is provided and seek those that do provide this as it will mean cost savings in your business's initial years of operation (when you don't require a large independent office). Later, when you have more revenue and require larger staff, you can go for an independent office.
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Re: Local Sponser In Dubai And Abu Dhabi Apr 02, 2015
Are you looking for a reliable Emirati sponsor with peace of
mind knowing your business will not only
receive the safe handling it deserves but complete freedom to operate as it
should ?

My name is Ahmad Adel Habib and that's only the tip of the
iceberg .

Im currently employed as an airline pilot working with a
major international carrier since 2004 .
I was born and raised in Dubai and have also run my own events management company - not just sponsored , but run for 2
years before deciding that I would move on to becoming a sponsor and consultant

I'm a relatively new player to this market and as such am offering considerably
attractive packages to my first batch of budding entrepreneurs . These packages
are inclusive of b o t h consultancy AND sponsorship deals to
individuals of my choosing .

Contact me at any time , night or day I am available 24/7 . Try me !

mobile +971 50 99 77 380

email a@leo.ae

skype ahmed307731
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