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want to learn Arabic Jul 06, 2008
I have been living in Dubai for a long time but am still not fluent in Arabic. I can understand it quite well but i need to practice talking fluently.

I have already taken a course in Arabic language 2 years back but it did not help much. So now I want to learn it practically, and I guess if I can talk to someone who knows Arabic then it will be good.

If there is someone out there who is interested to waste few hours with me talking in Arabic, plz pm me, I would really appreciate it.

Btw, am 25 years old Pakistani girl, living n working in Dubai (I see it as kind of a tradition here to give this kind of intro ;))

Well thanks a lot in advance.

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Hi Jul 17, 2008
Hello and Asalam,

How are you hope you fine well. actually i am also wants to learn arabic language on urgent basis becasue in my company all of my staff use arabic language and i am only 1 guy Pakistani on that company. :? :cry:
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How about this?! Sep 21, 2008
Hi friends,

I have been trying to find out online socurces and also I listened to some CDs but they dont help much in being able to talk Arabi fluently.

the case is that I can read Arabic and write arabic and I can understand 70% while others talking hhowever I lack in conversation.

I have discussed with an institute in Knowledge viallge Dubai. tehy have private courses which we can share the fee.

I dont want to attend oin group classes where I would be wasting time.

share what you think
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Sep 22, 2008
Hi Ramin,

same here. I can readand write. I triend to take courses in Berlitz but I change my mind after they test me with LOCAL spoken arabic whch I don't undersand!
I was learning fus7a before.
It was fun that I understood second level but not first one LOL So I didn't want to waste my time also by learning things I already know in fus7a!

I wish to find someone who can talk to me online.
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Oct 15, 2008
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re: hello Oct 20, 2008
Is it hard?
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