I Search A School For Learn Arabic In Dubai

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I search a school for learn arabic in dubai Nov 11, 2006
Hello i lived in france and i search a school in dubai or u.a.e for learn arabic and urdu because arabic/urdu was very beautiful language ! dubai it's good place for learn arabic and urdu ?thank's sorry for my english :cry:

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Nov 11, 2006
along with english, its almost a neccesity to know those two (arabic and urdu/hindi) languages.

its quite easy to pick up from here and there, but if you want to learn the languages in a professional setting, then im sure you wont have any troubles either!
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Nov 12, 2006
Arabic Language Center in the World Trade center is a good place to learn Arabic in dubai. Dont know about Urdu though.
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i can learn u Feb 17, 2007
i can learn u private iam conputer teacher arabic
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arabic language eton institute Apr 18, 2007
well there is one Eton isntitute they teach both langaúages
try www.eton.ac
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