Seed Capital For Dubai Chinese And CIS Tour Co.

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Seed capital for Dubai Chinese and CIS tour Co. Oct 13, 2012

My project is, very briefly, a tour company concentrating on Chinese and CIS country tourists to the UAE and vice versa. In addition another outlet will be development services for these countries to attract each others tourists as well as business via public (govt.) as well as private initiatives.

While I have 1 investor already willing to put up between AED800k-1M, he wants 40% of the company, which I don't want to give him.

hence, I am looking for a min 4 investors to put in min AED250k-500k for 6-10% of shareholding to start the company. The biggest draw is that your principal capital will be 100% secure and paid back in full with a return of 6% p.a. with this option valid for two years. This scheme will be as a buyout of your shareholding, through either revenue and, or other sources of funding. To secure this arrangement I would be happy to do financing (debt) rather than investment (equity).

I am off to the UK for an investors roadshow this week and then China in the last week of October for the same. However, I would prefer the seed capital providers to be local as some revenue figures would allow me to attract much larger amounts than seed capital in these locations. However, I want to launch before the end of the year so will not wait past November, by which time the website will be up and incorporation completed.

But please note, no majority shareholding / ownership will be given to any investor for any amount. I will retain majority shareholding and full management control of the company. I will also not send any presentations over email and only show details in person, again not handing over anything until you are a paid up shareholder, so please be in the UAE or ready to travel to the UAE to discuss the project and sign NDAs before any quantitative information is discussed.

So please email me to meet up if interested.

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Re: Seed capital for Dubai Chinese and CIS tour Co. Sep 26, 2013
If you are interested in debt funding contact us thomasinvestmentholdings/at/outlook/dot/com
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