Need More Capital For My High Frequency Sports Betting.

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Need more capital for my high frequency sports betting. Jun 29, 2014
Hello all, and thanks for reading.

I'm a US citizen who has a passion for algorithmic arbitrage. Over the past few months I've developed a system away from the stock market and aimed at sports betting.

I'm looking for investors to both increase my leverage so that I can make more money, and so that I can develop the system even further. Below is a description of both systems that I posted on another forum site. The second system is quite flawless, way better than the first.

I posted a while back ago about my algorithmic stock market trading methods. I've revived a ton of PMs since asking for help, so I think the L4P community will be receptive to what I'm doing now. While my long term hedging system has worked; I've stumbled upon something much better. I haven't been as active lately do to this, since I tend to recluse when I'm working on something I find interesting.

For the past month I've been building a program that is basically the high frequency trading of sports betting. For the past week I've absolutely been kicking, but and have almost covered my startup cost which were quite high.

To shed a little light on the process (but not too much), I screen scrape a large sum of sports books for all their data, all the time. This was the most difficult part, because no admins appreciate when their websites are constantly being scraped, however a few hundred proxies later and I was able to get around it. After I've scraped all the pertinent info, I have it exported to a data base that runs all of my technical analysis. This gives me a very clear look across all the books as to how people are betting and why. Since the lines, and spreads are constantly changing, it's really hard for the books to keep a balance without giving the information away.

From this info alone I have a very large advantage over the handicappers, an advantage that has led me to a 58% win advantage just letting the technical analysis do the work alone. After combining this with a variation of the martingale system, I've been able to consistently beat the house.

However, the real money is in arbitrage. Say a player gets hurt, decides not to play, yadda yadda the books have to change to account for the variation in the spread to keep the balance. This is where the system shines. When 2 books dramatically change the spread or line, the system will automatically place bets with favorable books. The win percentage on these have been 80%+, however this is with a much smaller data pool in comparison to the first set of data.

I still have more work to do, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and with all the injuries that occur during football season; I have a feeling I'm going to make a lot more money. Hope you guys enjoy the post!

Needless to say, if you are trying to make money instead of gamble. I highly suggest you guys look into this type of arbitrage. I play with numbers all day, and this is the stuff that keeps me up for weeks. Remember all, think outside of the box, math is power!

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