Looking For Investors For My Profitable Business Project

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Looking for investors for my profitable business project Feb 08, 2014

My business project's going to have an amazing future with big profits for Dubai and around even one company like this in Dubai has already proved it with multi million budget(in 3 years) but my project has even one more prominent advantage in comparison with that company....!!!!So i am looking for reliable partner and investor making millions togheter 50%-50%(p.s. it's not joking it is real story about real money-makingl business.From investor(starting $150.000) all financial investment(for marketing,advertising,professional stuff so on) from me all idea and working process.
If you want to contact with me please call +37499098880 (whatsapp)

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Re: Looking For Investors For My Profitable Business Project Apr 09, 2014
To Whom it my concern.

I am Williams Andrew. I am a private investor.I am interested in establishing and operating a very viable business as a means of investment abroad. If you have any good business proposal, it will be funded.

Write me at williamadrew1969@gmail.com


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