Overstay After 30 Days Grace Period Finished??

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Overstay after 30 days grace period finished?? Jul 22, 2014
Dear all,
My grace period is finishing on 30th of July 2014,My new employer told me he already applied for my visa but not yet get approval,Now Eid holidays are starting from 25th of July 2014 to 2nd of August 2014.My question is if I could not get my visa approval in next two days then what i have to do,bcase my grace period will be finished during Eid holidays.
Can I exit during visa process??? or what to do??Kind give me suggestion or any legal advise??

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undefined Jul 24, 2014
I think you should contact the ministry of labor in Dubai, or the ministry of immigration and they will give you the proper guidance.

You can always go to Oman borders and get a visit visa for 40 days with paying 50 aed, but I am not sure if that will work with an employment visa.

check out the website www.stepindubai.com , they have many useful information and any question will be answered within 24 hours, they must have something related to your issue.

Good luck ;)
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undefined Jan 09, 2015
Can i go out by car to oman???
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